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A short introduction before you get started.

• The two pickup elements are mounted with a small carbon plate and three screws onto the front of the fingerboard. This way, the two pickup elements can be best adjusted and positioned relative to the strings. For the installation of the violin / viola pickup, three 2.85 mm diameter (UNC No. 4) threaded holes have to be drilled into the front of the fingerboard. This type of connection provides the most stability.

• The jack (Switchcraft thick panel phone jack, "Carpenter" style) is clamped via a chinrest mechanism to the ribs of a violin or a viola.

• On the cello model a Switchcraft .141" miniature phone jack is inserted into the carbon plate, on the doublebass model it is a Switchcraft 1/4" phone jack.

• The REBO violin and viola models should be installed by a luthier.

• The REBO can be easily removed any time.

• Master luthier Christoph Teichmann (Bremen, Germany): "I would install the REBO on a valuable instrument, too. The fingerboard is a replacement part that does not influence the sound. The borings are hardly visible after removing the pickup."

Required tools for installing the violin / viola model:
Electric drilling machine
Long drill bit, 2.4 mm
Drill bit, 3 mm
Screw tap UNC 4/40
File or sand-paper

You would like to install the REBO on your viola? Please send us by mail a piece of cardboard with the copied shape of the front of the fingerboard. Because the width of the front of the fingerboard varies with the different sizes of violas, we do not offer a standard carbon plate. In our instrument gallery you will find photos of a viola. On this viola, the jack is inserted into the ribs of the instrument. We supply the viola REBO with a "Carpenter"- style jack.

To download a complete illustrated installation manual (PDF-file) click here.

for manual click here!