• A two-piece electromagnetic humbucking pickup.

• Freely adjustable.

• Allows adjustment to the individuallities of the instrument like form of bridge and position of strings.

• Very low risk of feedbacks (means: sympathetic feedback like on electric guitar).

• Does not touch neither bridge nor body of the instrument:

• Does not prejudice the acoustic quality of a traditional instrument.

• The system delivers an output signal that can be processed by conventional musical instrument amplifiers and effect pedals on one hand, and on the other hand by mid- impedance line inputs of mixing consoles or soundchips .

• The pickup delivers a substantial balanced sound without preamplification and equalization. • Finger and bow noises are reduced to a minimum.

• The pickup allows silent playing with a strong mute and at the same time listening at high volume through headphones.

• Installation on traditional, semiacoustic and solidbody instruments possible.

• Perfect for all musical styles: Classical-, Folk-, Jazz- music, Metal …

Output Voltage
Violin: 25 mV RMS, 100 mV peak
Viola: 30 mV RMS, 120 mV peak

DC resistance 8 kOhm