The following recordings with the REBO (directly into the computer) were made neither with pre- nor post-EQ. To these pure string recordings only a bit of room/reverb was added. The instrument on the first sample is a solidbody volin, similar in shape to the "Zeta Strados SV 24", equipped with the REBO.

Double from Partita I for solo violin BWV 1002 (J.S. Bach)

Two-part invention #4; violin and viola (J.S. Bach)

Duo No.31; 2 violins (B. Bartok)

The following recordings (MIDI -bass and -drums) were made with the REBO violin model played through an overdriven tube amplifier (via line out) and effects like "wah-wah"- pedal and echo. These recordings were also made neither with pre- nor post-EQ.

Muñeira de Oilaven (adaptation and arrangement: U. Boesking)

Muñeira Ribeirana (adaptation and arrangement: U. Boesking)

How does the REBO sound, when a beginner plays?
Here comes an adaptation of an etude by Robert Pracht (adaptation: U. Boesking). A 13 year-old pupil is playing.

… here comes fiddler's daily ordeal. In the accompaniment you can listen to arpeggioes pizz. & arco with the REBO. Recorded with a solidbody volin, similar in shape to the "Zeta Strados SV 24", equipped with the REBO.
Kreutzer No. 2 (adaptation: U. Boesking)

El Silencio ("Teach me Tiger"). Live recording Fr. 10. Dez. 2004, Eisen, Bremen, Germany. Violin starts at minute 1:35.

The REBO for cello. Professional cello player Götz Kelling from Bremen / Germany has some live- experience with the REBO. Here he's playing two movements of a Bach solo- sonata dirctly into my Mac. No EQ. No effects.

BACH 1 no effects
BACH 2 no effects

Same recordings, now with some room / reverb:

BACH 1 room
BACH 2 room

On the following recordings I used compressor, limiter and some room for the cello tracks. REBO viola played through a Fender Blues Junior via Line (Speaker) Out. No EQ. No effects. Reverb from Fender spring.

Misirlou (Dick Dale)

Mosquito dance (Trad. / Béla Bartók: 44 Duos #22)

Ruthenian Song (Trad. / Béla Bartók: 44 Duos #10)

Rumba: Violin and guitar.

Bremen, Germany, October 2006