Blaine L. Reininger

I met Blaine Reininger (Tuxedomoon) first in 1985. Me a fan in front of the stage of Bremen Club "Aladin". After the concert I talked to Blaine and he invited me to Bruxelles. This social visit took place in summer.

After years, in spring of 1991, I planned a german tour for my band "Virulent Violins". The Hannover club "Bad" offered a support job for Blaine Reininger's solo act. On 15.03. we did our openers' job and Blaine watched (which, as he told us afterwards, he normally never does). When we came back into backstage, Blaine shouted "Fiddle warlords rule!" and invited us to Bruxelles. (He wrote this motto with an Edding marker to the backstage wall, signing it – it must be still there).

Stefan Walkau (git / bass), Tom Bennett (vla) and I (vln) went to Bruxelles and had a great weekend with Blaine and J.J. We talked a lot and jammed a bit. There still is a bad quality MC, walkman- like.



In autumn came a call to Bruxelles and Tom Bennettt (e-viola) and I (e-violin) recorded on the weekend of 14. / 15.12.1991 some demos in Drem Bruinsma's studio. We were doing additional strings. We had written the arrangements and rehearsed our parts in Bremen with the help of Blaine's CDs.

El Gigolo grasiento

Letter from Home

In February 1992 came another call from Blaine for Paris. On 28. / 29.02. we played in a very nice basement club in Montmartre: "Passage Nort-Ouest". The mp3s are of 29th of February. Blaine called us "Virtual Violins".

Ash and Bone

Birthday Song

Night Air

La Tombee de la Nuit

Café au Lait

Zeb and Lulu

Green Door

In July 1992 J.J. planned with a Bruxelles friend to kidnap Blaine to go to Bremen for his birthday on the 10th. In Bremen the couple lived with Tom, friend Martine lived at my place. These were easy days. I transformed the living-room of my small appartment into a rehearsing / recording space so we could jam and record.

She's a Brick