Uli Bösking Bio

My name is Ulrich Bösking. I am a composer, electric violinist, violaplayer and highschool teacher (spanish and music).

Since 1983 I have worked as a violin teacher, played in some bands as a guest, started some own bands and projects and worked frequently as studio- and stage musician for theatre plays and dance theatre.

Between 1983 and 1986 I wrote my first songs for two bands called "Debil Agil"and "The Amnesia Vivace".

In 1989 I recorded a LP/CD with my first own rock band "Virulent Violins"(CD/LP "Red and blue", Yellow/EFA). A video was produced of the title song "Red and blue".

1992/93 I played some gigs with Blaine L. Reininger of "Tuxedomoon". About this episode you can read in the biography "Music For Vagabonds - The Tuxedomoon Chronicles" by Isabelle Corbisier (OpenMute; UK ISBN 987-1-906496-08-1).

In the end-90ies I dipped into some jazzy salsa calling it "Mozos Molones".

About 2001 I set to music german poetry of the fin de ciecle and contemporary spanish poetry for my duo-project "DosUlises".

The same year I asked audio technician Manfred Reckmeyer to develop the adjustable magnetic humbucking "REBO" pickup for bowed strings.

In 2007 I played the greek / eastern traditional "Misirlou" - best known from the "Pulp fiction" soundtrack - live in a "dick-daleian" surfrock version. On bass Andy and on drums Ray of "Velvetone".

This inspired me to start "Dodecats", a project (baritone violin / bass / drums) for which I wrote instrumentals in surfrock style implying contemporary elements like dodecaphonic structures and balkan scales.

In 2009 the line-up changed (viola / cello / drums) as well as the musical language and new demos were recorded.

In 2011 the line-up changed again to a duo viola & cello, accompanied once more by changes of the musical language.

My instrument is a black semiacoustic violin with electromagnetic "REBO"pickup, custom onboard preamp and geared "Pegheds" pegs strung as a viola.

Mostly I play a Fender Blues Junior tube amp. No effects but amp overdrive and spring reverb.

Bremen, November 2012